Tebow's speech inscripted on wall: I just puked in my mouth

on 03 25, 2009

Seriously, I regurgitated a little bit in my mouth when I saw this on the news. Tim Tebow’s infamous speech following the Gators loss to Ole Miss was nauseating enough having seen it uninterruptedly on ESPN for a week straight. Subsequent to the college football season, I thought we had seen the last of this. Unfortunately, I was misguided.

The Gator QB’s speech itself even has a name, titled ‘The Promise,’ and is now inscribed on a plaque that is fixated on a wall outside of the entrance of Florida’s football building. Gag me.

What’s next, a statue? Is the state of Florida going to make this their anthem? I wouldn’t be surprised. Everyone loves the golden boy quarterback who seems to be perfect. I hate to tell you, but everyone who seems ‘flawless’ has closet problems. I could see the Heisman winner performing a ‘Tebowoscopy’ on some little kids. It looked like he took pleasure in giving little Filipino boys circumcisions.

It was impressive that Tebow led his team to win the National Title last season, but that doesn’t mean he deserves a post-game rant to be posted on campus that will remain there for years to come. Pretty soon there’s going to be a ‘Tebowism’ religion. In Tebow we trust. C’mon people… Tim Tebow is human just like the rest of us, stop treating this kid like a God, because he is far from it…AND PLEASE, TAKE THAT GOD DAMNED SPEECH DOWN IMMEDIATELY!