Why Chris Bosh is Not Worth a Max Contract

on 07 1, 2010

The obvious news in the coming weeks is the NBA free agency—a topic I will be actively watching and researching, as my New Jersey Nets are trying to desperately pull something together by the end of the offseason.

One of those big names—Chris Bosh, formally of the Toronto Raptors—has a lot of media swirling around him.  While I would be thrilled to see him in a Nets uniform next season, I don’t think he is worth the money he is probably going to be paid.

Here’s my thing on max contracts: it seems like this year, with this huge free agent class, they are going to be tossed out like candy at a Homecoming parade.  It’s craziness.  Shouldn’t the maximum amount of money for a player be offered to your best player?  How does it make any sense that your best player and second-best player are offered the most amount of money they can be offered?

My tiff on Bosh is that he will never win an MVP award.  Why?  Because Bosh, after this season, will never again be the best player on his teamBosh is so obviously going to be linked to LeBron or Wade.  He can’t win by himself—he’s proved that with seven years of playing in Toronto.  He needs someone.  Unfortunately, he needs someone better than him.  How can LeBron James’ teammate win MVP?  It’s impossible.  It’d be like Pau Gasol winning.

Yes, I know that Bosh is a top 3 power forward in the NBA at least.  He’s extremely talented.  But, he’s never been successful in the playoffs, he’s never been to the NBA Finals, he’s never won an MVP and he’s been the best player on a team that won 40 games last year.  Is this a guy you want to pay max dollar to?  Bosh thinks so, he’s publicly stated that he feels he deserves a max contract and he’ll be looking for one.  Other than stats that I can look up on basketballreference.com, I don’t know what he thinks he’s deserved.

Look, I’ll say this—Bosh is a top free agent this offseason and he should be.  He’s going to be 20-10 guy for a good portion of the remainder of his career.  But the fact still stands: he cannot win.  He needs help.  If you are going to pair LeBron and Bosh or Wade and Bosh together—how can both of them be making max contracts?

Maybe this is more of a beef on max contracts than it is with Bosh.  But I stand by my point that Bosh is going to be overpaid next year.

See, if I were Toronto and Bosh, here is what I would do.  I would get on the phone with Dallas.  I’d work out a sign-and-trade deal that sends Bosh for Nowitzki.  It’d be genius.  Bosh gets his money, plays for his home city, he gets to be the best player on a team and gets to be the leader he thinks he is.  On the other side, Dirk gets to come to Toronto and be a veteran big man to Ed Davis and make the poor Canadian city forget all about the second superstar who abandoned them.  He’d be a hero.  That sounds like a perfect solution to me.

Last point: say you are Chicago.  LeBron personally tells you, “I’ll come and play for your team if you bring Bosh with me.”  Chicago says to Chris, “LeBron wants you, you have an opportunity to come to this city, play for a championship-contending team, be a big name in a big city.  The fans will love you; you’ll be the number two guy here and be known as LeBron James’ teammate.  But, you won’t be offered a max contract.  What do you say?”  Bosh would say ‘no.’ I know he would.  It shows so perfectly how senseless these people are.  They take their money and that’s it.  Bosh is a good player, yes.  He’s worth playing for a team to contend for a title and he’s worthy enough to say he was apart of it.  Just not worthy enough to make what LeBron makes.