Worst draft year of the decade? 2000 NBA Draft Analysis

on 01 12, 2010

Ever go back and look at old drafts?  It’s surprisingly fun.  You can see what teams got absolute steals, and what teams seriously messed up their picks.  You see names that you hadn’t heard in years, and you laugh.  I was looking at the 2000 NBA Draft, and man oh man, is it bad.  It’s pitiful.  It’s funny how bad this draft was.  Let’s break it down:

Okay, 1st overall was Kenyon Martin, not too shabby, but not worthy of the first pick.  He played very well in New Jersey, but not a guy you can build your franchise around.  He’s a complementary player.  2nd overall was the immortal Stromile Swift, or as some like to call him, the “Stro Show”.  Uh huh.  That show was cancelled.  He just really never did anything well, except for dunk.  Who was taken 3rd overall, you ask?  The one, the only, Darius Miles!   Miles was definitely a bust.  He showed a lot of promise, but he liked starring in crappy movies more than working on his jump shot.  Up next, Marcus Fizer!  Great.  Hey, at least he was the NBDL’s MVP in 2006!  Taken 5th overall was Mike Miller, a nice player with a pretty jump shot.  Could be worse, could be better, for 5th overall.  At least he’s still playing in the league.

Onward!  “With the 6th pick in the 2000 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks select DerMarr Johnson.”  How’d that work out for ya, Hawks?  Basically, he was invisible.  The 7th pick was Chris Mihm, a stiff white guy who was hurt more than healthy.  Jamal Crawford was a solid pick at 8th, but he’s bounced around a lot.  Crawford’s one of only 4 players in NBA history to score at least 50 points with 3 different teams.  Nice.  The 9th selection was Joel Pryzbilla, a decent player, but not worthy of being taken that high.  Keyon Dooling was taken 10th, the consummate NBA journeyman.

Taken 11th overall, who could forget Jerome Moiso?!  I know I haven’t!  Etan Thomas was taken 12th, and he’s probably a better poet than basketball player.  I hope you took Thomas in your poetry fantasy draft this year!  The 13th pick was a complete disaster with Courtney Alexander.  Mateen Cleaves was chosen 14th, but hey, he was fantastic at cheering guys on from the bench.  Jason Collier was the 15th selection, and that’s all I have to say about that..

To the second half of the first round.  Hey, a general manager actually did his job at this spot, with the 16th pick, Hedo Turkoglu to Sacramento!  A nice little steal at this spot, Hedo’s made some clutch shots in the league.  Desmond Mason went 17th, and he fell off the face of the earth after a few nice years in Seattle.  18th overall was Quentin Richardson, but the thing we probably remember him most for is being traded 4 times this past offseason.  Awesome.  At 19th, Jamaal Magloire went to the Hornets, and I think 19th overall was a good spot for Jamaal.  Yeah, that fits him well.  Rounding out the top 20 was Speedy Claxton, basically a career backup.

Taken 21st was Mateen’s buddy Morris Peterson.  He shot a lot of threes.  That’s about it.  Another fantastic pick by the New York Knicks at 22:  Donnell Harvey!  Taken 23rd was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite basketball player, DeShawn Stevenson.  Yep, Stevenson has a tattoo of honest Abe on his neck.   The man, the myth, the legend, Dalibor Bagaric was the 24th pick in this draft, with Iakovos “Jake” Tsakalidis going 25th.  Mamadou N’Diaye, Primoz Brezec, Erick Barkley, and Mark Madsen round out the first 29.  Ugh.  I feel sick.

Yeah, we’re going through every name in the second round too.  Stick with me!  Ok, fine, let’s just list em:  Marko Jaric, Dan Langhi, A.J. Guyton, Jake Voskuhl, Khalid El-Amin, Mike Smith, Soumaila Samake, Eddie House (hey, you recognize him), Eduardo Najera, Lavor Postell, Hanno Mottola (No, not Hannah Montana), Chris Carrawell, Olumide Oyedeji, Michael Redd (We know him!), Brian Cardinal, Jabari Smith, DeAndre Hulett, Josip Sesar, Mark Karcher (when I googled him, the first thing that came up was “Mark Karcher arrested”.  Ouch), Jason Hart, Kaniel Dickens (yeah, that’s his real name, I swear), Igor Rakocevic, Ernest Brown, Dan McClintock, Cory Hightower, Chris Porter, Jaquay Walls (no relation to John Wall), Scoonie Penn, and Pete Mickeal.

That was rough. This draft only produced 3 guys who’ve made an all star team.  Michael Redd, Kenyon Martin, and Jamaal Magloire each made it only one time.   Was every general manager drunk?  Maybe a little bit hungover?  High on crystal meth?  Or maybe it wasn’t their fault, but the talent just stunk that year.  Either way, the 2000 NBA Draft was dreadful.